Turkish Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Ahmet Hikmet Şahin

Balıkesir University, Department of Pediatric Surgery, Balıkesir-Türkiye

Keywords: Caecum, surgery, intestinal duplication cyst, obstruction, child


Although it can be seen at any age, enteric duplication cysts are seen in 80% of the first two years of life, especially in the first three months. 33-53% of enteric duplications are diagnosed in the ileum. In this article, it is aimed to discuss the situation in the literature due to two cases who presented with cecal obstruction and were diagnosed with enteric duplication.

First case; Gas density was observed in the left upper quadrant on the direct abdominal X-ray taken in a two-year-old male patient who presented with vomiting. In the abdominal ultrasonography, a cystic structure with 3 cm diameter septa was detected in the subhepatic region.

The second case: a 14-month-old female patient, complaining of vomiting and restlessness, had gas density in the left upper quadrant on the abdominal X-ray and a cystic mass in the right lower quadrant on the abdominal ultrasonography.

Enteric duplication cysts, which also cause life threatening, are rare. Accurate followup of pregnancies is thought to provide early prenatal detection of enteric duplication cysts and prevent possible complications.

Cite as: Şahin AH. A Rare Cause of Cecal Obstruction: Enteric duplication cyst. Coc Cer Derg/Turkish J Ped Surg 2022;36(1): 70-73. doi: 10.29228/JTAPS. 53679